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  • What is Cacao and What type of Cacao is grown in Cacaotal Del Norte Farm?
    Cacao is xxx
  • How is your Cacao Prepared ?
    We carefully monitor every step from responsible cultivation to harvest, fermentation and drying of the cacao beans. After this is complete at the farm, the beans are transported to our small chocolate factory in the town of Sosua. There the beans are first sorted and cleaned, then they are roasted to their optimum to bring out their delicious flavor and the process continues for a few more days were the chocolate is refined and conched in small batches. The result of this laborious but loving process is Milz Chocolat.
  • What is Cacaotal Del Norte Mision and Vision?
    Cacaotal Del Norte Farm Mision and Vision is xxxx
  • What is the Q-Fermentation Process?
    It's a technique that enables to create a homogeneous fermentation, yielding beans of exceptional quality with close to zero-impurities of off-flavors and with intense pure natural cocoa taste.
  • Is it Organic or Fair Trade?
    Our Cacao is xxx
  • How long does shipping take?
    USA orders take between 3-4 Business days. For International orders expect to receive your package between 7 to 9 days.
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