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The Milz-Strauss family, with a long trajectory in livestock, was drawn several years ago towards cacao cultivation, acquiring a cacao farm in 2015.


Back then, the farm had young trees (1-3 years old) and it was slowly starting to produce its first fruits. A year later, we added to our farm, purchasing another parcel in front of our original farm, which already had adult trees.

For a few years Cacaotal del Norte was selling their beans only as it is call “en baba” or wet. In 2019 members of the family decided to create a chocolate brand, Milz Chocolat, using our own cacao and the process of learning fermentation and drying of our beans started for us. In 2020 we finished our fermenting and drying facilities to provide Milz Chocolat factory with the best Cacao beans to produce its award-winning chocolates.

We believe in natural processes, so we ferment our cacao using wooden boxes and dry them in solar tunnels. Our careful monitoring of every step from responsible cultivation to harvest,
fermentation, and drying of the cacao beans ensures that we produce top- quality cacao.


After 4 years fermenting cacao for Milz Chocolat we are getting ready to offer our beans to Chocolate makers around the world for the 2024 harvest. If you are interested in knowing more about us and our cacao production, please don’t hesitate to contact us for samples and additional information.

For more information about Milz Chocolat please visit our website

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